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 Let’s talk about hyperpigmentation!

The sneaky villain causing all common skin problems on our faces caused by excess melanin production! But fear not, we’ve got the compounds to fight back and reclaim our glow.

Those annoying dark spots or pigments are formed from the amino acid, tyrosine, and pheomelanin. The inhibition of melanin production is the primary mechanism of action for most whitening agents.

It’s time to show hyperpigmentation who’s boss.

Are you looking to level up your skin exfoliating routine?

 Look no further than Melazero! This powerhouse product tackles post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, reduces melanin, brightens skin tone, provides deep hydration for supple skin, and even fights off those pesky signs of aging. Get ready to glow like never before with Melazero!

5 reasons to add Melazero for skin’s whitening mechanisms:

  • Lighten hyperpigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase: Melazero highly effective topical hypopigmented agent, can help to reduce hyperpigmentation, which can help lighten dark spots and blemishes.
  • Reduces melanin production: Melazero can inhibit tyrosinase and melanin synthesis. Inhibits melanocytes from producing additional melanin.
  • Brightens the skin: Melazero can out skin tone and brighten dark areas.
  • Deep hydration: Melazero is an amazing skin moisturizer booster by locks its thirst and enhances skin’s suppleness and elegance.
  • Anti-aging qualities: Melazero can decrease UV-induced early skin aging and help promote a youthful appearance. 

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the goddess that is Melazero:

The revolutionary whitening agent that’s here to banish melanin without any pesky side effects! With its low dosage requirement, this powerhouse effect outshines the competition in both effectiveness and cost efficiency.

 Say goodbye to skin irritation, discomfort, and dark spots!

 Melazero is a comprehensive solution that prevents melanin formation without harming the skin. Melazero only needs a low dosage to produce the same effect unlike other whitening actives. Once again, it has been demonstrated to be an effective and cost-saving skin whitening Agent.

Explore our range of dermatological skincare products at DΣRMISQUΣ skincare online shop. Interested in learning more about Melazero? Contact us now to discover its efficacy compared to other whitening activities.

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